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e bridge between Israeli technologies, methodologies and innovation and Latin American countries

What nogaplus does and who are we?

We connect the business, academic and governmental worlds of Latin America with avant-garde practices and holistic israeli development programs, through the adaptation of innovative methodologies.

We understand that for many Latin American organizations, both private and public, the main challenge is in being ready for, and open to a process of innovation that is never complete.

We work with companies, investors, governments and universities with the final goal of creating flourishing and dynamic ecosystems, encouraging faster and improved development of both the company and of society. Through this, we build positive, holistic and inclusive solutions for the business world.


Connecting successful business models with

ecosystems in development. 

Innovation in Israel to improve business in Latin America

We bridge between Israeli technologies, methodologies and innovation and Latin American countries


Working with Countries in  LATAM


Attend Misions coming to israel


Participating in Tech events Israel


Acitivies in LATAM


                                                  (originally P-EcoSys), has its HQ in the most important entrepreneurial center of the world, after Silicon Valley. It implements, high impact, inclusive business practices in the Latin American markets through a variety of initiatives and experimental, unusual and creative ideas. (See the people we have worked with here)

Years of experience leading successful projects in countries such us Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia, among others, and the deep knowledge both of the Israeli mindset and of the different models, mindsets and markets of Latin America gives us the background to lead searches, researches and consulting process that will guarantee the construction of an exchange bridge between both regions of the world.




Together, we can take your company, organization or startup project to the higher hills. Your expansion and exploration plans can now be done. Help us help you to import successful israeli business models and to adapt them to your reality. You are one little form away to begin a positive change that will turn your company or organization into the example others will want to follow. Contact us!

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To apply for a job with Sphere Constuctions, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

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A LARGE SCALE PROJECT was conducted for COPARMEX, (the Mexican association of industries) financed by INADE (national institute of entreprenurship). Workshops for the new team (future program managers) and for the selected companies were conducted frontally in Mexico and Israel, as well as virtually. It included 150 consulting hours for the six companies and the management team by expert innovation consultants, and a visit from the program manager team to Israel to familiarise

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