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Gallery 2022

Noga Treck

Arturo Martinez, the innovation leader of the Quimmco Group, came to Israel to learn about Israel's innovation ecosystem. In an intense work week, Arturo visited startups like Make My Day, Qmarkets, Matics, and Nanolock, the facilities of the Israel Innovation Authority, the Technion, and NGOs such as the Peres Center and Startup National Central.

FoodTechIL, November 7-9, 2022, Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel's largest food tech conference & startup exposition brings together the leading startups, investors, and researchers.

PLANETech, September 21, 2022, Tel Aviv, Israel

The first global climate tech conference that gathered 100 startups, of which 10 represented Israel at COP27.

From academic research to technological innovation
From academic research to technological innovation, October 19, 2022, Rehovot, Israel

Launching of the FoodTech research center at the Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University

Climate Solutions Festival
Climate Solutions Festival 2022, October 26, 2022, Hulda Forest, Israel

This event gathers government, business, and non-profit organizations dedicated to driving innovation in the climate-tech ecosystem.