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"Multinational Companies from LatAm in Israel: What are they looking for?"

“Multinational Companies from LatAm in Israel: What are they looking for?”, we will discussed what Latin American multinationals are looking for in Israel, and how the Israeli innovation can help them optimize their processes within their local ecosystems.

Our panelists:

  • Mrs. Daniela Talamantes, Head of Scouting for Grupo Bimbo in Israel 

  • Mrs. Sofia Catalina Machuca, Open Innovation Manager at Axtel

Rina Fainstein, CEO of Nogaplus, moderated the session

In the session we learned:

  • How technology scouting can help your company climb higher hills.

  • What are multinational companies looking for in the Israeli market and mindset.

  • What are the next steps to take when looking for innovative solutions for your industry.

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