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Latin American countries


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We connect the business, academic and governmental worlds of Latin America with avant-garde practices and holistic israeli development programs, through the adaptation of innovative methodologies.


We understand that for many Latin American organizations, both private and public, the main challenge is in being ready for, and open to a process of innovation that is never complete.


We work with companies, investors, governments and universities with the final goal of creating flourishing and dynamic ecosystems, encouraging faster and improved development of both the company and of society. Through this, we build positive, holistic and inclusive solutions for the business world.


Latin America


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nogaplus  opens  the opportunity for anyone to apply to become a change agent of business models and social ecosystems, but at the same time, it makes sure that only the best ones will become those ambassadors in charge of leading this positive business revolution, taking their organisations to never-before explored hills and to an evident evolution.

  • We match the best Israeli technology with business challenges

  • We offer tailor-made programs for each company and organization

  • We implement successful Israeli models in ecosystems that are, currently, in development. 

  • We mix positive psychology, the idea of a connected globalized world, and the permanent innovation needed in order to find unique and effective solutions. Everything, based on the Israeli experience.


noga innpresa  

A model of how to encourage innovation, developed in Israel and adapted to local reality. Its objective is to incorporate innovation into traditional businesses, through the identification of opportunities for innovation and the development of proofs of concepts for technological products, and with a clear focus on global marketing.

noga XL

A high-level networking program aimed at executives and agents of change, its goal is to find technological solutions through Israeli innovation for each participant's local challenges. It is an immersive experience in the Israeli innovative ecosystem, and it enables a personalized approach in finding targeted and suitable solutions for challenges.

noga tec

We identify the challenges and needs of Latin American corporations and businesses, and provide cutting-edge technological solutions for investment, joint ventures and other forms of cooperation.

noga consult​

With our comprehensive team of Israeli experts of Latin American origin from sectors relating to innovation and technology, we consult on how to create accelerators, technological incubators, technological parks, and transference of technology projects.

noga intro

Hosting of business delegations for visits to familiarise themselves with the Israeli innovation ecosystem, through the introduction of start-ups and technological companies.​

noga XP

Conferences, competition judging, panel participation, mentorships, and workshops on innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin America, focusing on changing the "state-of-mind".


nogaplus  (originaly P-EcoSys) has years of experience leading successful projects in countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia, and the deep knowledge both of the Israeli and Latin American mindset gives us the background to lead consulting processes and match technological projects that will guarantee the construction of an exchange bridge between both regions

of the world.

Coparmex project 

Bimbo project



We are a team filled with professionals from many different areas that are joining their knowledge and strengths in order to generate a big change in the world. We are proud to count with such high-level professionals that allow nogaplus to provide holistic, inclusive, creative, innovative, effective, and successful solutions to clients and collaborators around the world.

Rina Fainstein

CEO and Founder

Born in Uruguay, Rina leads innovation and scouting processes. She is a lecturer and workshop facilitator, as well as a marketing research expert. She was one of the founders of a startup on Positive psychology. 

Rajel Leghziel

Israel Project Manager

Born in  México,  lives in Israel. Rajel has a vast experience coordinating projects in Israel in the business and educational field. She is a lecturer about Israel political and social situation. 

Mariana Montiel

Mexico Project Manager

Born in Mexico, Mariana has vast experience as an analyst, business consultant and mentor in market research, technology management, innovation, linkage and entrepreneurship. She is also a lecturer at UNAM, University in Mexico.

We invite you to meet those who make possible the changes generated by nogaplus in the different local business ecosystems.

Every member of the team has an in-depth knowledge of the Israeli idiosyncrasy, and the Latin American mindset. All of them are Latinos with a strong academic and work background built in Israel.

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We understand that for many Latin American organizations, both private and public, the main challenge is in being ready for, and open to a process of innovation that is never complete.

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