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EcoMotion Week 2023

Noga attended EcoMotion Week 2023, the flagship event of smart mobility in Israel. EcoMotion- the smart mobility community in Israel- includes more than 650 startups and is supported by the Israel Innovation Institute (NGO), Israel's Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, and the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

For noga, it was a positive development to observe that Open innovation has been consolidated as a critical tool for Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to increase innovativeness and improve R&D.

The leading big automotive companies participated in the event and presented their open innovation strategies. Let’s illustrate this phenomenon with a few examples. Hyundai Motor launched its Innovation Hub 5 years ago, and the South Korean giant has already consolidated its position in Israel. The same applies to Volkswagen Group, which has been scouting and testing Israeli startups in Smart Mobility, Industry 4.0, and Cyber Security. Another example is General Motors which has a Direction of Global Battery Investments to promote advanced and emerging battery technologies for EVs.

The event’s core was the Smart Mobility Startups exhibition, where startups exhibited their technology and latest developments. Below we highlight some of the smart mobility trends presented at EcoMotion.

Electric Vehicles

  • Charging stations

  • Ultra-fast charging technologies


  • Fast charging technologies

  • High-performance Rechargeable Batteries

Fleet management

  • Software for optimizing operations and logistics

  • Tracking systems for cargo theft

Road Safety

  • Alerting motorcyclists to critical threats in real time

  • Scanners that identify and detect technical problems in the car

  • LiDAR technologies

  • IA system to analyze drivers’ movements and alert in real-time of risky behavior

  • Sharp vision technologies

  • Sensors for collecting data on tires

Future Trends in Mobility


  • Hydrogen-powered cars are automobiles that hypothetically derive their energy directly from the water.


  • Artificial intelligence has been regarded as a significant game changer in mobility over the following years. AI systems will be essential in increasing mobility automation from vehicle safety, traffic management, and finding the ideal itinerary for a ride.


  • Electric aircraft will reduce air transit's environmental impact, maintenance costs, and noise pollution.

Next smart mobility event in Israel

The Smart Mobility Summit 2023 will be held on November 1st-2nd at the InterContinental David Hotel, Tel Aviv.

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