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Noga 2023. Bridging LATAM and Iberia with ISRAEL


A new year brings challenges and opportunities for cooperation between Latin America and Israel. We want to start this year by sharing highlights of the last few months and the next steps.

In the last quarter of 2022, we participated in several conferences on FoodTech and sustainability. Likewise, we added new clients, such as the Mexican corporation Condumex, consolidated our knowledge hub - Knowledge Sharing- and relaunched our YouTube channel.

We were also in charge of a virtual innovation course- based on the Israeli experience- for professors of entrepreneurship and innovation belonging to the Colombian University Network. The course was organized by the Embassy of Israel in Colombia, Galilee International Management Institute and Connect Bogota and consisted of 10 sessions over three months.

Our CEO Rina Fainstein participated as a judge in Santander X Global Challenge | Food for the Future, organized by Santander Bank.

For 2023, we aim to expand our cooperation with Latin America and Spain. By doing so, we will soon launch our Noga Hub for Latin America and Spain.

We wish you a great year and hope you enjoy this newsletter.

Rina Fainstein

CEO Noga




Knowledge Sharing

KS stands for Knowledge Sharing. At Noga, the continued Sharing of Knowledge empowers the Israeli ecosystem by learning from the experience and challenges of Latin American enterprises. KS enables Latin American Corporates finding advanced Israeli technologies and state-of-the-art solutions for their challenges.

The Noga’s KS aims to connect experienced innovators from the Israeli ecosystem with directors and experts from large Latin American industrial corporations. In addition, it seeks to promote discussions and share participants’ knowledge and insights. We organized two KS in 2022. The first one in May 2022 focused on “how to attract startups and how to work with them from the corporate perspective”, and our special guest was Bimbo Group. The second one, in December, focused on “From Traditional Industry to Industry 4.0: Investing in startups to push forward innovation,” Our special guest was Quimmco Group from Monterrey, Mexico.


Noga on Youtube

We recently relaunched our YouTube channel with interviews with scholars, representatives of Latin American corporations, and actors from the Israeli innovation ecosystem. So far, we have conducted interviews with Dr. Ofir Benjamin (Tel Hai Institute), Prof. Zohar Kerem (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Aviv Oren (Good Food Institute Israel), Dr. Amnon Dekel (ASPER-HUJI Innovate), Prof Ido Braslavsky (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Yotam Zach (ASPER-HUJI Innovate) and Arturo Martínez (Quimmco Group).


Noga in the media

Rina Fainstein participated in the podcast "Cuando el río suena", which deals with how the most important digital services companies in Latin America develop products and that is aimed at business founders, managers and investors. In episode 76 of the podcast, Rina spoke about "the three things your business needs to innovate."


Noga Hub for Ibero-America

We will launch our Noga Hub for Latin America and Spain very soon. The Hub will connect all our partners throughout the Ibero-American sphere and will serve as a platform to facilitate the collaboration between the technological sectors of Israel, Latin America, and Spain. Among the objectives of the Noga Hub are the following:

  • Sharing experiences and information on the state of innovation in Latin America, Spain, and Israel.

  • Organizing conferences, webinars, training, and events.

  • Establishing cooperation projects with companies and institutions in Latin America, Spain, and Israel.


Delegations in Israel

In December, Noga organized the visit of Arturo Martinez, the innovation leader of the Quimmco Group. Arturo’s visit aimed to learn about Israel's innovation ecosystem with an emphasis on industry 4.0. In an intense work week, we visited startups like Make my Day, Qmarkets, Matics, and Nanolock. We also visited the facilities of the Israel Innovation Authority, the Technion, and NGOs such as the Peres Center and Startup National Central.

Startup Make my Day

Startup Nation Central


Events in Israel

In the last quarter of 2022, we participated in several conferences. In this sense, we highlight our participation in a new edition of FoodTech IL, the flagship event in Israel in food technologies, which brings together the leading startups, investors, and researchers in the sector. For this event, we assisted Mexican companies such as Sigma Alimentos and Citrofrut so that they could participate in the conference and hold work meetings. We also participated in the Agritech conference on technologies related to agriculture. Lastly, we attended the Food Tech event: "From academic research to technological innovation," at the Hebrew University and conferences such as PLANETech and Climate Solutions Festival 2022, both events related to sustainability.

FoodTech IL 2022


Climate Solutions Festival 2022


Upcoming events:

We are pleased to announce that we will be participating in the following startup conferences and exhibitions:

  • DLD Tel Aviv

  • Axis Tel Aviv

  • The OurCrowd Global Investor Summit

  • Food4future Spain


We thank our allies for working with Israel's innovation ecosystem and, above all, for trusting in Noga.

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